Sunday, 3 August 2014

Nahara 2014 Scarf Collection

Nahara is a company I first posted about a year ago, when I interviewed the director, Sonya Ahmed (click here to read the full interview). Since then Nahara has come in leaps and bounds, featuring in various fashion shows including the Urban Muslim Woman Show and Eid in the Square. And they have just released a 2014 collection of six silk scarves featuring abstract Arabic calligraphy designs, in collaboration with artist Samir Malik.

Peace in Orange in Pink

Graffiti Love
Sonya was kind enough to send me the Peaches and Light scarf. The design of this is based on a painting called Noor (Light).  It came beautifully packaged in a Nahara gift box and tissue paper. The scarf itself is very generously sized (68cm x 195cm), and can easily by wrapped around twice. The silk fabric itself has a nice sheen to it, and the colours are bold and vibrant, making this a real statement scarf. I'm definitely a fan of the unique prints and love the fact that there is a real creative process behind the designs.

All the scarves are available to buy via the Nahara website.


Assia Luna said...

wow, they're like the canvas of a painting. very beautiful

Anonymous said...

This looks nice


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