Thursday, 12 June 2014

Product Review: Hanger Management

Storing scarves neatly whilst being easily accessible is a challenge, and Hanger Management is one company which provides a solution. They sell scarf hangers consisting of eight rungs in a soft velvet finish, and sent me four of those hangers and a mini-hook to test out.

Mini hook attachment

The hangers are available in pink, teal, black and purple. There is a demonstration video on their website showing the easiest way to use the hangers so the scarves sit neatly, and it works very well. Below is my list of pros and cons of these hangers:

Teal scarf hanger


1. The hangers are very lightweight and as I happen to be packing my suitcase at the moment, it occurred to me they would also be useful for travel and hanging your scarves whilst away from home.

2. The velvet finish means they really are non-slip and the scarves stay put.

3. They are a great space-saver especially when you hang two together using the mini-hook.

4. They provide a good way of displaying your scarves individually, and would also work well for ties, belts or even jewellery.

Teal and black scarf hangers with the mini hook


1. Each rung is quite small measuring 13.5cm, which means the majority of hijabs (which tend to measure 50cm and more) will need to be folded over two or three times before they can be hung neatly, which can create creases in certain fabrics.

2. Although great at saving space, I would not attach more than two hangers together (as the product website also mentions) to avoid overloading them, as they are not as hard-wearing as I had expected. Be careful not to bend or pull excessively!

3. For the above two reasons, I personally preferred to use the hangers for thinner, smaller scarves.

You can purchase the hangers via the Hanger Management website and selected retailers.

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