Sunday, 17 November 2013

Product Review: Hijabi Box

The concept of monthly subscription boxes for hijabis is catching on! Hijabi Box is a US-based company who recently sent me a package to review. When you sign up for your subscription, you are asked to fill in a short survey which helps tailor the box to your tastes.

For my first month's subscription, I was sent the Shimmer Shimmer scarf, purple headband, pin wheel and a sample of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree Bar.

Shimmer Shimmer is one of the signature scarves which are handmade and unique to Hijabi Box. I was quite happy to be sent this scarf and the fact that the company paid attention to the style survey I filled out. The scarf measures 215cm x 72cm, and is very lightweight. It is made from really beautiful shimmering blue/purple fabric. The size I think is just right, and is enough to wrap around twice without being bulky and uncomfortable. The only thing I was not keen on was the hemming of the edge with a bright purple thread. However this can be easily hidden by folding the edge of the scarf over.

This month's box also included a purple headband. I've not used this style before; it would be ideal to use in warmer weather, though with a scarf which is as thin as this one, I feel like a full undercap would be more practical for keeping the scarf in place.

The pin wheel is a simple set of straight pins with a bright head. I was a little bit disappointed with these, as they are something which you can find easily and cheaply, and don't add much value to the box. However, I guess they're included in the first box because they are an essential for most hijabis, and the next months' subscriptions will include something a bit more special.

Lastly, the Ghirardelli chocolate was a lovely addition. At first I wasn't convinced by the combination of sea salt and almonds, but it was surprisingly delicious!

Overall, I really liked the scarf and the sample chocolate, but look forward to more interesting accessories in the next subscription from Hijabi Box.

3 comments: Toko Kamera Murah di Indonesia said...

masha allah. beautiful hijab

thanks for share..

Anonymous said...

How did you like the headband wrap to pin the hijab to? That's the only kind I wear (I'm a convert & couldn't handle the tight shower cap thing) - I use the inexpensive elastic exercise bands from Walgreens. It is much better in the summer! But I'm curious if not everyone finds them better.

Looks of Islam said...

How would you say is the quality of the different things they send? How long has the stuff lasted for you? And, does the company sew/manufacture their own merchandise or it comes from certain brands?

Thanks and I look forward to your response!


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