Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Product Review: Genuie

Genuie is a company run by sisters Lola and Nilufar. They recently introduced their company to me and I was intrigued by what they had to offer. Genuie sell beautiful handmade scarves painted on mulberry silk from Central Asia; which Lola designs in Uzbekistan. Although you can choose from a collection of scarves already on their website, what stood out for me is their 'design your scarf' service, where you can have a unique scarf designed around an outfit, story or even a dream, based on Lola's artistic interpretation. I've always loved the idea of creating a print based on the patterns and design found in nature, so the inspiration for my scarf was my trip to Malaysia, specifically the island of Borneo. I sent in my ideas and some photos and Genuie kindly sent me back two scarves! They came packaged in small gift boxes with a letter explaining how Lola designed the scarves:

I was really pleased with the way the scarves turned out. I personally love the effect that hand-painting has on the overall design; it creates a natural and blended effect which I much prefer over standard commercial prints.


The scarves measure 95cm x 180cm, which is the standard size offered on the website, however if you choose to have your own design made, you can also choose which size you want. The fabric itself is quite slippery, so I'd advise wearing a cotton undercap to keep the scarf in place. Genuie explained to me that due to the delicate nature of the silk and the hand-painting process, the scarves have some natural blemishes. I'd also beware of using large hijab pins on these too.

If you're looking for a truly unique and personal design, then Genuie are definitely worth checking out. The scarves are something to treasure and would make the perfect special gift for friends and family; put together some photos and good memories and see what Genuie can create for you!

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