Monday, 8 July 2013

Product Review: Hijab-ista

Hijab-ista is a US-based website selling everything from scarves to accessories to clothing. I was recently sent the Shimmer Hijab in silver and the Full Length Sleeves in grey to review.

The Shimmer hijab measures 160cm x 65cm, which is a good size without being bulky. It is made from a thin, woven viscose fabric, with fringing on the ends. For this reason the hijab does not look particularly formal, but is great for dressing up evening wear. The fabric is quite thin and tends to snag on larger pins. It sits very well without slipping around, but is quite see-through at one layer thick so does need to be wrapped around twice. I really like that the shimmer is quite subtle in this scarf, without being overly flashy, and it is available in a variety of colours via the Hijab-ista website.

The full length sleeves are similar to a shrug, but are designed to be worn underneath tops or dresses with short or sheer sleeves. They also come in a large range of colours and are one size fits all. The fabric is very soft and lightweight and the sleeves are not too tight. They are a pretty neat solution, and a good alternative to layering an entire long-sleeve t-shirt, especially in hot weather. However the sleeves obviously can't be worn underneath sleeveless tops, as you have gaps at the side, or tops with a low neckline, so the uses are a little limited. I would also definitely advise that these are only worn underneath another top, rather than over it, since they are very short in the back and a shrug or jacket would be a better option. Overall they are a handy item to have if you need some arm coverage, and are comfortable and easy to wear.

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