Monday, 10 June 2013

Product Review: Hijab Obsessions

Hijab Obsessions are a business that I've featured before on the blog, when I reviewed their jersey hijabs. They have now expanded their range into clothing which includes skirts and dresses. They sent me their Colour Block Jersey Maxi Dress a while ago to review, and I decided to put it to the test during my travels.

The top half of the dress is long sleeved black jersey, which is then attached to the teal coloured skirt. The dress is available in two lengths: regular and tall, but only limited sizes are available up to UK 14. The regular length I found was just right for me at 5'3. The dress is designed to be high-waisted, but I personally found the top half to be far too short and would have preferred if the skirt started lower down.

I'm not usually a fan of wearing jersey clothing, especially in the UK, but it's ideal for holidays and definitely very comfortable to wear. However, I didn't find it helped much in the heat for two reasons (although in 38 degrees, everyone will feel hot no matter you're wearing!). Firstly, although the bottom half of the dress is loose and falls in folds rather than straight down, I felt I needed to wear a slip underneath to stop the fabric from clinging when walking. Secondly, the top half is very tight and fitted and I wasn't comfortable wearing the dress without a jacket over the top, which made the long sleeves obsolete. I paired mine with a denim shirt, but a black blazer looks great for a smarter look.

In terms of the quality, I found that after several washes the black fabric was starting to look tired in places, but otherwise the dress held up well after quite heavy use. I would also advise ironing the dress on the reverse side to maintain the fabric too. The colour seems to show up as a bright blue in photos, but in reality has more of a green tone.

Overall, I think the dress is a beautiful colour and a great option for the summer months, but may need to be worn with other items over the top depending on your taste. The dress and other skirts are available to buy on the Hijab Obsessions website.

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Muslimah Delights said...

The skirt looks lovely and the blue looks awesome!


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