Friday, 8 March 2013

Product Review: SixteenR and Little Ripples

SixteenR is one of those companies you can always rely on to come up with unique concepts and projects involving the scarves they produce; from collaborations with street artists to hijabs with headphone prints. This time, I was sent the Little Ripples scarf in blue to review.

To start off with, this scarf is not simply an accessory; it is much more. Founder Nancy Hoque says: "One of the founders of Little Ripples contacted me a few months ago about making scarves for the teachers of preschools out in a Dafuri refugee camp in Chad. I found this request to be very interesting because Little Ripples was not only building early-childhood education for the children of refugees, but they were also employing Muslim refugee women as teachers and wanted to give them specially designed hijabs. That very act was inspiring and very generous.

I have two kids who attend preschool. It is of great comfort to me to know they are in a safe environment when I go to work. Because Little Ripples is building these preschools, the women at these camps have a safe place for their children to learn and have something to eat, while they go work. By wearing a specially designed Little Ripples scarf, the teachers will be recognized for having overcome so many obstacles, and how they are educators in Little Ripples schools."

The scarf itself is a bright blue colour with the Little Ripples logo printed in white. It measures 215 x 70cm, with tassels on the end, and is made of a lovely super-soft pashmina fabric. As the scarf is quite large and the fabric thick, I personally found it more comfortable to wear around the neck. The Little Ripples scarf is also available in purple on the sixteenR website; check it out for your chance to support this worthy cause! For every hijab that is bought from sixteenR, a hijab will be donated to the Darfuri refugee camp teachers.

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