Monday, 25 March 2013

Hijab Style Exclusive: Inayah Interview

Today Hijab Style brings you an exclusive interview with the founders of Inayah; one of the UK's leading brands for modest clothing.

Jana: How did you come to start Inayah? 

The seeds of INAYAH were planted by its owners who come from a combination of fields which fuse business acumen with in-depth appreciation and understanding of wide ranging design principles and genres. INAYAH initially started off in 2010 as an accessories brand featuring a large selection of hand crafted bracelets, necklaces, and our signature hijab pins. Our desire to remain in a consistent state of development soon took over and before long plans were underway for a major expansion into the brand seen today.

Jana: How has the business changed over time? 

As observant individuals, we noticed a very distinct problem with women (including one of our designers) being able to find modest clothing, dresses and abayas, whilst still incorporating western elements that were also practical by nature, unique and sophisticated. We wanted to offer Muslim and non-Muslim women who were desiring to dress modestly, the option to buy both ready to wear clothing and couture dresses from a company who take great pride in what they make, who operate with a purpose and a heightened level of understanding towards their customers. We do not design or produce any item purely for the sake of design; everything we produce reflects our personal preferences and with hard work, careful and persistent planning, we have found ourselves in a position whereby we can offer the ultimate modest fashion experience inspired by vintage, ethnic and modern elements Alhamdulillah.

Jana: Tell us a little about your design perspective; what most influences you? 

We have an eclectic mix of inspirations; architecture, ethnic art, unique elements from different cultures from the past and present and high end fashion. All of these points of inspiration help us offer designs that incorporate balance, unique features and practicality. The Islamic fashion and modest clothing industry currently has an abundance of both low-end and high-end brands who cater for a set target audience. There is a lack of practical modest everyday wear for the woman of 'today'. Our goal as a global mid-end modest fashion brand is to continue to provide practical and real solutions in maintaining a balance and catering for those who appreciate and require good quality, unique design concepts and comfortable modest wear without compromising their beliefs. We strive to offer our customers a wide range of modest clothing suitable for all aspects of life; right from everyday wear, maternity wear to evening and bridal wear.

Jana: What's your favourite piece from the current Inayah collection? 

Our favourite item of clothing from our Precocious range has to be the Urbane Abaya. We fell in love with this design because of its fluid versatility. The Urbane Abaya is beautiful and modest, elegant, sophisticated, unique and practical, made from soft modal fabric.

Jana: What can we expect from Inayah in the future? 

InshaAllah the future for INAYAH will continue to be based upon our core progressions principles. Expect more beautiful designs, elegant clothing and a brand new and refined evening wear line, featuring luxurious kaftans and dresses. We are also in the process of working on a very exciting new line of embellished accessories, which we cannot wait to reveal!

Check out Inayah clothing and accessories over on their


Hana Maroo said...

As Salam..
Such an inspiring article in hijab fashion. Some of other boutiques tend to follow the current fashion flow forgetting the modest elements, to attract customers. however Inayah mantains their principles. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wornderful,this is what we need to be ourselfs,muslims has to be confident with their dress code...keep it up.

Muslimah Delights said...

Some smart pieces on the website

Smile Sadaqa said...

Thanks for introducing me to this label. MashAllah, very elegant designs. :)

Anonymous said...

Please does anyone knows Inayahs phone number or email


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