Monday, 11 February 2013

Product Review: Neva Style @ Modefa

Modefa is a US-based website selling a range of scarves and accessories. In particular, they stock a lot of Turkish brands, including Neva Style, who I've noticed are really trying to get their products out to wider markets by supplying stockists outside of Turkey. I was recently sent the Silk Lace Shawl by Neva Style to review.

When I received the scarf, the first thing I noticed was that the colour is quite different to that shown in photo provided on the Modefa website. Although it is described as 'silvery beige', the photo looks like a blush-pink colour, which really isn't the case. The scarf is made of 100% silk, and the fabric is very smooth and shiny. It measures approximately 180cm x 70cm, so is quite generously sized. The scarf has a band of pretty lace at either end, which has a pinkish hue to it.

The scarf is totally opaque, which gives you more options when it comes to styling. I think a nice way to showcase the lace is to bring one end across the front and pin the corner at your shoulder. It gives a perfect finish to a formal or evening outfit, and this colour looks especially good when contrasted with bolder colours like the cobalt blue above. In terms of actually wearing the scarf, the fabric is very slippery so you definitely need to wear a cap underneath and pin it well to stop it from moving around. I also found that the lace itself is a bit stiff, which affects the way the scarf hangs. Overall I think the Neva Style scarves at Modefa are really beautiful and a great wear to dress up special outfits. The also have two price points available; those made of 100% silk and those in a polyester/viscose blend which are more affordable. Modefa customer service was very attentive and generally a good website to get hold of scarves by Turkish brands.

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