Saturday, 3 November 2012

The new face of Turkish Fashion

I've done several posts in the past about Turkish hijab style, mostly centred around commercial photoshoots and fashion shows, since there was little else available online. But more recently, magazines such as Âlâ, which has received a lot of press attention, and street style bloggers have emerged, giving us a different point of view. One main thing I've noticed is that the traditional square eşarp style seems to have fallen out of favour, and has been replaced with long, silky pashmina style scarves.

I was able to get in touch with two awesome Turkish ladies who post about their style, amongst other things, on their blogs. I really wanted to share these with Hijab Style readers as I'm sure you'll love the modest yet creative outfits as much as I do!

Sumeyye is a 25 year old architect from Istanbul, who started blogging 2 years ago at Meyye. She launched her blog because there weren't many hijab fashion blogs in Turkish, representing Turkish fashion. Sumeyye mostly shops from brands like Zara, Ipekyol, Twist, Park Bravo or gets clothes tailored. I think Sumeyye does casual style really well; yet her outfits are never boring!

Serra is a 26 year old business management graduate from Istanbul who blogs over at Serra's Alternative Wardrobe. She also started a small charity blog called Alternative Shop, where she puts brand new items on auction (mostly clothes, shoes and scarves) and donates the money to orphanages. I love her style because it's classy yet she adds a personal twist with quirky details. Check out her blog for for lots more outfits and gorgeous photography!


Zehra GÖRGÜLÜ said...

I know Sümeyye & Serras' blog, u're my friends. I following all time, sweety :)

Magz and Mez said...

Both look like great blogs!

Huda said...

lovely looks, my favorite are the 2nd and 3rd.


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