Sunday, 14 October 2012

Product Review: Imaan and Beauty

Imaan and Beauty is a website run by two sisters in Germany. They stock scarves, pins and jewellery on their online shop (including bobble scarves), and also run a YouTube channel. The team recently emailed me regarding a new product they'd designed: the Pinjab. The video below gives a thorough explanation of how the magnetic hijab pins work, and you can also watch their commercial video here:


I was sent a few of the Pinjabs to try out and review. Despite snagging many of my favourite scarves, I've always been a committed safety pin user, since they just work so well at keeping your hijab in place, and are more discreet than the bulky plastic pins which I really dislike. I was at first a bit sceptical as to whether the Pinjabs would work for me. So for the past week I've been using them and going safety-pin free all day, and I've been pleasantly surprised!

Vintage Pinjab
The design concept itself is pretty simple - the Pinjab is simply two magnets, one of which has a decorative side. The magnets themselves really are strong, and whilst that means they stay in place all day, they can be quite difficult to pull apart. I used mine mostly beneath the chin, by overlapping the two sides of my hijab and securing them in place with the Pinjab. I did however still need to use a regular stick pin at the edge of the hijab to give a neater finish. Although I found it was too bulky to use when pinning the hijab at the side of your face, the Pinjab worked well to help keep maxi scarves secure. One thing you do need to watch out for though is that you can still snag delicate fabrics if you're not careful about how you remove them.

Daisy Pinjab - Maroon
Overall, I like the pretty designs and I'm going to be making use of these magnetic pins in the future, and hopefully save a few of my scarves from the dreaded safety pin snag. Although they won't totally remove the need for pins, they are definitely useful, especially for more layered hijab styles.


SippingChai said...

Hmm I wonder how well it would work for me. I really like making sure the hijab is tight around my chin. I don't know if it would make me feel secure.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree I am not so sure either but worth to give it a try, I live in Sweden and saw some of those in a different design at Hijabnow.


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