Sunday, 26 August 2012

Product Review: Écharpe à la Mode

Écharpe à la Mode is an online boutique based in the USA. They stock a small collection of printed scarves and solid-coloured pashminas. I was recently sent the Cheetah Love scarf, the Bubble Gum Pink scarf and two new scarves (Stripes & More and Flower Ville), which are due to be released mid-September, for review.

The scarves arrived packaged in black and white striped tissue paper (which is a nice change from pink, a significant amount of which I have amassed over the years!).

With another animal print scarf to add to my collection, the Cheetah Love did not disappoint. The print itself is small and subtle, which is a definite plus for me. According to the website, it is made from a cotton blend fabric, although feels more like chiffon to me. It also appears a darker shade of brown than on the website. The scarf is lightweight, but is slippery so needs to be worn with a cotton undercap. I also found the size to be perfect (175cm x 70cm); not so small you're struggling to cover the back of your neck, and not so large that you're suffocating in layers of fabric.

Écharpe à la Mode scarves
The Bubble Gum Pink scarf is made of a thin, woven cotton blend and measures 185cm x 77cm. The colours are very subtle in this scarf, and the print is not particularly vibrant, so would look best worn with stronger colours. I found the fabric also tends to snag quite easily.

The Flower Ville scarf is a chiffon floral print, which is very similar to the Cheetah Love (175cm x 70cm). The colours in this scarf work really well with the small, vintage-style print. It's definitely one for the summer!

The last scarf, Stripes & More, is the most striking. It has blue and white stripes along most of the width, with a pink then blue flower print border. The fabric is beautiful; very fluid and silky, and the scarf measures 150cm x 72cm. I'd pair this one with plain pieces to make this the focus of the outfit.

Overall, I loved the fabric and size of the scarves. Customer service was attentive. However, I'd like to see some improvements to the website such as higher resolution images of the scarves and more accurate sizing, since I found several of the scarves to be larger than stated on the website.

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