Sunday, 5 August 2012

Product Review: Abaya Addict

Abaya Addict is a company based in the UAE, which was established in 2010. Despite the name, they have a current focus on a stylish, modest clothing range, and I was recently sent one of their pieces. The pink hi-low rouched-waist dress, which is currently unavailable, does come in other colours including yellow, black and cream on their online shop.

The dress is made of a bright pink, thin jersey fabric. It has long sleeves, a round neck line and is floor length at the back and comes just below the knee at the front. I loved the design of this dress, as it's a stylish alternative to regular maxi dresses. I paired mine with black slim leg trousers underneath.

I found the size chart on the Abaya Addict website a little confusing, since depending on which measurement I took, I would have been anything from a Small to Extra Large. In the end, I received an appropriate size (since the shoulder seams fit). However, the major drawback with this dress is the fabric. Whilst lightweight and comfortable, the problem with the jersey is that it clings; to you, and to whatever you're wearing underneath (hence the lack of full length photos, sorry!).

Alternatively, I found that pairing it with a long-line blazer over the top was a more comfortable way to wear the dress, but did detract from the design, and wasn't really a look I was keen on.

Whilst I love the design and concept of this hi-low dress, I think a different fabric would have been a better choice if it is to be worn without something over the top. When I spoke to Abaya Addict about this issue, they mentioned that they have made changes to some of their remakes and new designs (i.e. by lengthening the fabric under the waist). They have also eliminated some of the clingier fabrics and will not continue to use them in future collections.

I appreciate the fact they take customer feedback into consideration, and it's definitely worth checking out their website, especially as they have a new Eid collection available now, including palazzo trousers and silk crepe shirtdresses.


Amalia said...

I think it looks really nice, but I know that jersery fabric really sticks to me and looks awful on. Glad you suggested a different fabric as the style looks great.

Anonymous said...

I'm not totally crazy about the hi-low concept. It almost reminds me of a butler's coat.

Zara said...

I like the colour

Misha iCan said...

Jersey fabric is usually to clingy for me especially around my bottom half, but I love your slim leg trousers, where are they from and how much if you don't mind me asking?

jzkk in advance

Jana said...

@Misha They were around £20 from Zara :)

Confused said...

Can anyone explain how the Abaya Addict sizing chart works? It really is confusing. What size is a UK 12? Not sure which size to order.

Jana said...

@Confused: It's different depending on which measurement you use.. in the end what fit me was taking the waist measurement and going up a size from what the chart says.

(A bit less) Confused said...

Thanks! I hope what I've ordered fit me.


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