Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Mode-sty Launch

Something new and exciting has just entered the modest clothing scene. Mode-sty is a US-based flash sale website, which aims to simplify the shopping experience for women looking for longer hemlines and looser fits, whatever their background. I was interviewed as part of their research as to what current difficulties there are when it comes to shopping, and it seems they have a pretty good grasp of what's missing. Today they've launched their first 48hr flash sale, with select pieces from designer brands, as well as a Hijab Style favourite, Zeena. I love the fact that they detail the 'modesty level' of each item, such as the sleeve length and neckline, to make it easier to find what's suitable for your needs. This is a just a small test sale and as I understand it, there's a lot more to come! Check out the Mode-sty website to see more:


Aiza said...

Its super expensive i must say!

Anonymous said...

Prices reasonable to ok. Pity there aren't more shipping options. International shipping seems steep. There was no clarification on whether it's via courier service or USPS. I calculated that it's cheaper to buy the normal priced Zeena tunic direct from Zeena with their cheaper shipping options instead of taking the same tunic from Mode-sty.
Something for Mode-sty to consider?

Anonymous said...

I just bough a dress from them and when they found out I was international and had a US mailbox, they shipped to my US addy for free! Great customer service mA!


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