Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Product Review: Pinz Pinz Pinz

Pinz Pinz Pinz are a company that have been around for several years now, but have recently revamped their product offering to include accessories which are exclusively designed for them, as well as a wider variety of scarves. I was sent a few things to review, including the Polka Dot Ribbon Flowers in black and peach; the Double Cherry and Fondant Fancy Pinz Cushions; an Aztec hijab and Vintage Daisy Double Hijab Pin. A lot of these are currently unavailable on the website, but some will be restocked soon, and they do have alternative colours.

So first off the ribbon flowers; these two pins are really cute and work just as well on a hijab as they do on a jacket/top. They are around 4cm in diameter, attached to a long stick pin with a fastener at the end. The pin itself is quite large so does tend to leave a hole in delicate fabrics.

The cupcake pin cushions are my favourite product. These have been popping up recently on several websites, and no surprise considering the craze for all things cupcake these days! They are handmade exclusively for Pinz Pinz Pinz by their in-house designer, and consist of a silicone case with a felt-covered cushion. They are really decorative and a great way to keep hold of those pins which otherwise end up lost, or worse still on the floor, only to be trodden on by some unsuspecting soul. That said, I found that the Double Cherry had a pretty limited surface area for sticking pins into.

Next is the Vintage Daisy Double Hijab Pin. This particular design is sold out, but there are a couple of others available on the website here. This basically consists of a chain with various charms on, with a stick pin attached to each end. This pin looks very well made compared to the standard hijab pins. You can wear it a variety of ways, either on your hijab or as a brooch, which is what I prefer. I found it to be a little heavy for delicate fabrics.

The Aztec hijab is one of the many patterened scarves stocked on the website. This one is a mix of olive green, black, white, yellow and orange in a lightweight, viscose fabric. It measures around 115 x 190cm so is a very large scarf. The pattern is quite busy, but this particular combination of colours work quite nicely together. It's a good alternative to florals, though I'm a bit doubtful as to the random 'plus' signs on it!

Overall, I quite liked these, especially the pins and pin cushions. I do think however that the online shopping needs to be made easier by providing more information listed under each product on the website. Customer service and response to queries on their Facebook page seems to be quite slow too.

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Alia said...

beautiful things, the first two flower pins are so cute :)


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