Thursday, 10 May 2012

Friday Styleflash

New Collections

Aab have lots of new abayas in their Summer 2012 collection.

Hijab Candy have recently launched their official website.

Hijab Fashion Shop have added new abayas to their website.

Shukr have launched their new Salihat Abaya Collection.

Offers and Sale Alerts

Bellissima Scarves are having a competition on their Facebook page to win a free scarf.


SippingChai said...

Just saw the new abaya collection at Shukr! Love it!!

hawa_ said...

Hi, I bought an Aab abaya some time ago and whilst I am not fat (UK size 10) I found the sleeves to be too fitted/tight. Would it be possible at all for you to review an Aab abaya just so they can perhaps provide looser sleeves? ANybody else have this problem?

Anonymous said...

Salaam sister hawa. I too bought an abaya from Aab.It was the Brass Class. I fell in love with it after i saw it. Sad to say not was it only tight around the arms and under-arms,neck was almost choking me and i had to Re-stich all the buttons as they were all coming off loose! Im a U.k size 12 and was advised to get a size M. Still I wont let it put me off as i find their abayas really elegant. But for the price they charge i was hoping the quality and workmanship would have been more of a high standard. Think if i order again I will go for a size L!!

hawa_ said...

Walaikum Salaam,
It is such a shame! I found that too actually, the rest of the abaya was fine and I had ordered two sizes just to get a fit however when I emailed them they said their abayas were not designed to be worn with clothing underneath. I was a bit put off by this as I DO wear clothes under my abaya. Oh well. :( Sadly I won't be ordering again until they resolve this issue. ESPECIALLY since since returns are also a bit of a pain

Walaikum Asalaam

Anonymous said...

I've had reasonably good customer experience from Aab. Don't necessarily like all the styles, so have had a hit + miss here + there. Yes, it's not a traditional black abaya that's to be worn as an outer cloak BUT I guess each to their own style. I wear them like maxi dresses. Their hijabs are beautiful. Prices? Steep! But I see that they have brought some prices down in comparison to before. I'll still buy from Aab, just a bit more picky with my choices since I've found some other stores with competitive prices + lovely styles.


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