Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Spring/Summer at Bellissima Scarves

Quite possibly my favourite scarf company has to be Bellissima Scarves. In a professional environment, it's not always appropriate to wear farm animals on your head, nor to walk around looking like an Inter-Flora bouquet. These Italian scarves are classy, well-made and will work with almost anything, from traditional to formal to casual outfits.

Bellissima have recently launched their Spring/Summer collection for 2012, which includes 20 scarves in a range of colours. I was sent the Graziosa Navy to review.

It arrived within 2 days and as before, has a 15% discount voucher included inside the package. Bellissima Scarves all come in a similar fabric, a polyester and viscose blend. It's a thin and lightweight fabric, and slightly see-through, and is very similar to the Dolce Navy. The colour is not as bright as appears on the website, it's more of a deep blue, with a candy-stripe border running along the both lengths of the scarf.

I'm always commenting on how I'm not a fan of overly large scarves, and this one measures 52cm x 175cm which for me is an ideal size, although it would be good if it was wider to make it easier to create styles with folds. The scarf drapes well, though you do need an underscarf to stop it slipping about. I've also found that pins tend to snag on the fabric, especially on the border, since it is quite thin.

Overall, I really like this scarf since it is both elegant and versatile. I'd perhaps like to see more variety in terms of the designs in future collections though.

Special Offer

You can get 20% off your order at Bellissima Scarves when you enter the code STYLE at the checkout. Valid until 8th May 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Although I like the scarves, they are too small in width and therefore do not provide enough coverage for the chest and back area. At least with larger scarves, you have the option to fold and even trim down to the required size.


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