Monday, 9 April 2012

Spring at Dramafree

Accessories company Dramafree have recently launched some new products for Spring/Summer. I posted a review previously here, and once again they've delivered some pretty unique items:

The Sweetheart Rose is made of delicately layered fabric petals (about 4cm diameter) attached to a 5cm long pin. The design of this is really pretty and goes well with whites and pastel shades. I found the pin to be a bit large for delicate fabrics, and would personally prefer to wear it on a jacket, rather than a hijab. 

The vintage-style Lara brooch is a more unusual design compared to most brooches on the market. It has a plastic base with a small flower in the centre, surrounded by pearls. The brooch is quite bulky and the small pin at the back means that it tends to drop downwards and tug at the fabric, especially if worn on the side of your hijab, so again I prefer to wear this on a jacket.

Overall I think the Dramafree products are great for accessorising scarves to clothes to bags, though a few functional design improvements could definitely be made.

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Asiya said...

I really like the brooch, you're right that it is totally different. I can see it with a nautical inspired outfit.


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