Friday, 6 April 2012

Friday Styleflash

New Collections

The Inayah Collection have just launched their new website and clothing range. You can also enter the April Giveaway to win an abaya and hijab from the new collection!

SixteenR have just released their new Addendum collection of scarves.

Offers and Sale Alerts

Barjis have a sale on selected silk tunics and abayas.


Anonymous said...

Loving the Inayah Collection!
Brilliant + gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

Inyah doesn't have many sizes available that's a shame from a new site I'd except there to be all the sizes .. I like my abaya loose do I'm needed a large I can't seem to find one! :( Layla

Jana said...

Layla, I think a range of sizes were available initially, but they've sold out!

Anonymous said...

Sister, there are still things available in size large. I had to go through every single item (there's so much choice!) to find my size, managed to purchase some items. But yes, some items that I would have liked to have owned were sold out quickly! Mashallah, a stunning 1st collection!

mamamiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

loving this collection


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