Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Oh so vintage...

As a fashion designer I've recently started taking a lot of inspiration from vintage fashion, I love the elegant style of clothing from previous eras. In the past vintage clothes were always considered old fashioned and out dated, but in the past few years the styles from previous eras have become very stylish. Vintage fashion refers to clothes new or second hand dating back to a previous era.

During the mid 1900s dressmaking was very common and women generally sewed their own clothes, this meant that each piece created was unique and one of a kind. However due to the development of technology we currently live in an era of mass production were manufacture has been relocated to countries with lower costs; today people buy ready made clothes from the high street. This has decreased the value of clothes and made it very difficult to find one of a kind pieces.

Illustration of 1910s fashion

However the demand for vintage clothing has increased considerably over the past decade, partially due to increased interest by well known celebrities. A great benefit of vintage clothing is that it is environmentally friendly as you are taking something and re-using it, perhaps styling it in a different way to introduce a new life for that item of clothing.

What I have also noticed through my research is that a vast amount of clothing from past eras are much more modest than current trends. So for example: The silhouette of the 1920s was very straight and streamlined with mid calf hemlines, and the 1970s introduced boho chic style with floaty long sleeved maxi dresses and skirts.

I've collected a few of my favourite items from the ASOS vintage marketplace...

So next time you go shopping why not stop off at your local vintage boutique and purchase a few items to mix in with your current wardrobe.


Felicity Pickup said...

re your remark "much more modest than current trends."

Yes, this echoes something I've thought myself. I'm a 70 year-old women brought up in smalltown Quebec, where/when there were by-laws influenced by the Catholic church (some of which were enforced by police) concerning what a woman could wear in public.

When I see some of the clothing choices made (innocently and unconsciously I'm sure) by the young hijab-clad students on the campus where I work, I can't help thinking that in some ways we were more modestly dressed. But I realize that these kids are trying to adopt modest costume, in spite of the culture in which they live in 21st century North America.

One of the things that always surprises me is the clothes (such as jeans)that reveal the shape of the body, even if comparatively loose and partially covered by a loose top. In my young day a "nice girl" didn't show her shape. (American movies were heavily censored before shown in local cinemas, so we didn't know what was out there!)

Anonymous said...

we heart vintage style

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I loved what Felicity had to say! I was a kid during the 70's and I loved the long dresses then! I always used to look at the old Sears Catalogs from the early 20th century and just drool over the old styles. I say bring them back!

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu Alaikum,

I absolutely love maxidresses with long sleeves, what could be more cool to wear at summertime!

Maryam from Finland

Anonymous said...

Love the vintage look - whether it's dresses or select pieces of jewelry. It's such a pretty look. Seriously, who wants to look like they've walked out of a sci-fi movie? :D I hope hijab clothing styles don't become to modern with a weird-techno slant - eeeek! Don't get me wrong, the drapes + robes worn in Star Wars for example are actually cool and could pass for modest if all is covered. It's the other futuristic stuff that gets portrayed in mags or films + I think "whoah, you can't convince me to wear that antenna sticking out of my hijab". When I see pictures of the modern abayas worn by the models with their back-combed hair, I just laugh - it ain't pretty!
Viva Vintage :)

Fatin Atiqah said...

Found you through IFB and I love your blog! <3

And needless to say, I love your vintage dresses finds!


Jenny K. said...

The white dress on the top row is very cute. that is so my style


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