Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hijab Style's New Assistant Editor

Salams everyone!

I am very excited to be taking on the new role of Assistant Editor at Hijab Style. So as expected here is some ‘about me’ stuff…

My name is Kawther and I am a British Muslim originating from Iraq but raised in Leeds (Northern England). I have always loved art and design from a young age and in my late teens I started showing an interest in designing clothes. This gradually turned to more than an interest and hobby, as I recently graduated with a fashion design degree. I came across the Hijab Style blog whilst researching for my final year dissertation which was based on Islamic fashion. This changed all ideas I had of Islamic clothing which I always imagined it to be very dull and out dated! I recently set up a design and dressmaking service and I aspire to develop that into a successful fashion brand one day!

I hope to introduce a variety of exciting new topics reflecting my creative flair and knowledge of the fashion industry. Of course I will also be on the lookout for modest fashion and exciting new brands to add to the existing archive of Hijab Style!


UmmSultana said...

Congrats on getting the position sis. Inshallah this site will turn out to be even more amazing. I too am hoping to get into the fashion business but from a different angle. Inshallah Ill be sending my stuff here for reviews here as well!

ALl the best

kawther said...

thank you for your kind words um sultana, all the best with your business :-)

Ashi said...

Congratulations Kawther, welcomr to the blogging world! Look forward to seeing your work at HIjab Style! :)

kawther said...

Thanks ashi I hope that I can introduce interesting things!

Elegance is an attitude said...

Assalamu Alaikum Sister Kawther,

Hijab Style is one of the few blogs I visit often as I love all the posts, latest finds, and wearable modest looks, with your knowledge in fashion designing I am sure the readers of Hijab Style will benefit immensely iA so congratulations from my heart.

I love the idea of you offering dressmaking service..if only you were from London.

Over here its so hard to get a tailer who understands the cut im asking for than the usual selwar kameez (indian wear) or a long straight me its frustrating, It never comes out right:o(

..sorry about the rant but hope you do really well so maybe you could make beautiful clothes for me very soon inshaAllah..hehe

kawther said...

thank you for the lovely comment..

it is hard to find dressmaking services in the UK these days as the labour is expensive compared to retail prices. But I think it is worth it to get a tailored made garment to your requirements.

I would love to make you beautiful clothes :-)

Deloress said...

Assalamualaikum Sister

Congratulations on your new post as an Assistant Editor. Care to share your dressmaking service in Leeds. As I''m from Leeds and has been looking around for a up-to-date dressmaker especially cater for hijabis/muslimah. I wish you all the best in your future insyAllah.


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