Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Helay Scarves: Pearl'a

Following the interview with Malalay from Helay; she recently sent me one of her handmade designs, the Pearl'a scarf in Sapphire Blue.

The package arrived swiftly via Royal Mail, and inside the scarf was wrapped in black tissue paper and white ribbon, with a hand written message on a tag.

The Pearl'a scarf measures 200 x 60cm, and at one end has two lines of ruffles with pearl beads sewn on. It is made of a light chiffon fabric, which has slightly rough texture, but keeps its shape and drapes nicely. I found the length a little bit awkward, since the end with the ruffles is quite heavy and needs to secured in place carefully. Depending on how many times it was wrapped round, you could have the ruffles across the chest or just at the side of your head.

The royal blue colour is really vivid, and would look good for a dressed-up occasion; especially to brighten up a plain black outfit. The pearls mean you don't really need to add any other accessories in terms of headbands or pins either.

Overall I really appreciate the care and attention that's gone into this unique scarf, since is was handmade. The fabric is not the most luxurious, but the design is simple yet elegant.

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