Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday Styleflash

Barjis have a special offer on with 50% off selected items on their website.

Couture Hijab Pins are giving away a free Swarovski Crystal Heart Pin with every order over £5 until 21st February 2012.

Hijab Jewels have a sale on selected brooches.

Sophia Jennah are giving 15% off orders with the code SophiaJennah Winter.

Hijab Stylist Saman Munir has just started selling a range of scarves and accessories on her Facebook page.


Fayrouz said...

I think brooches look very chic with the hijab but I don't know how to wear mine properly so I don't look too I guess I just avoid them altogether!

Anonymous said...

Place the brooch towards the top-back part of your hijab, on the side, by the junction of the hair-bun/head area. Pending on the brooch style + whether the hijab is plain or printed, this will not make make you look old-fashioned :) Kinda looks vintage - I wear my brooches with plain hijabs + a lot of Muslimahs + surprisingly non-Muslimahs comment that my hijab looks smart, tidy + put-together :)


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