Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Aussie Style: Hijab House

Australian company Hijab House recently launched their new Ecuador Rose collection online. Back in January I posted about the collection here, and now the team have given me the chance to try the pieces out myself.

The signature piece for this collection is the Purple Florence Dress. It's so hard to find long sleeved maxis, and this ticks all the boxes. It's made of a polyester georgette fabric, with a pussybow detail at the neck, and cuff sleeves. It is fully lined in a bright purple jersey which shows through the top layer, and I realised this is what makes it look as if the sleeves aren't lined in the photos!

As for the style, I found the block purple colour was quite overwhelming, and a little too much to wear alone. I preferred to team it with a black blazer, but this kind of defeats the point of having a long sleeved dress which doesn't need to be layered. It was also quite tight fitting around the top half, but the skirt was very generously cut. I didn't care much for the fabric either; it had a rough texture and generally just didn't feel nice.

The next piece is the Knot Dress in Black worn with the Boysenberry Jersey Hijab. In the website photos, the dress looks like it might have a sheen to it, but it's actually made from a matte cotton jersey, which tends to gather lint. I really like the cut; it's a simple, sleeveless dress with a boat neck and knot detail at the waist. Although the Grecian cut is glamorous, the fabric is not great, but makes a good basic maxi to wear with a variety of jackets. It is again quite fitted around the chest, and the fabric tends to cling. The Boysenberry hijab I really liked; the colour is beautiful and the jersey fabric soft and lightweight.

I also tried out the Ecuador Rose Hijab Purple (chiffon) and the Blue Leopard Print Hijab (silk). They are both very thin and lightweight, but the leopard print has a much softer texture, since it's made from silk. I did however find the blue almost neon bright, and the fabric very flyaway and static-y. Both scarves are quite sheer and slippery so need to be worn with an undercap.

Overall, I think Hijab House products are great as a concept, but was disappointed with the quality of the fabrics and finishings, (many of the products had lots of threads hanging out everywhere). With all the effort gone into the marketing of the clothes, hopefully the production will come to reflect that.


UmmSultana said...

I had a similar reaction from aab but but it was mostly based on color. I posted a product review for a "pink" abaya not too long ago. I am still interested in purchasing from hijab house in the future though. I have always admired that purple dress but the styling is too cutesy for me. Thank you for the review :)


Anonymous said...

Thx, was going to buy but then, they have beautiful styles, but the quality sounds terrible. Hopefully they will improve it !!

Sabirah M said...

Appreciate the review! The number one thing that irks me is ordering something new and then the threads are coming out!!

Check out my latest post: http://sippingchai.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/selamat-pagi-bali/

Sarah said...

nice review! im glad you mentioned the pros but werent to afraid to list the cons. honesty is always refreshing :)


Fatimah said...

Aww i'm so surprised to hear your feedback. I also ordered the purple florence dress and absolutely loved it. I enjoy a bit of color in my wardrobe and was pleased with the quality. I got the grecian dress in green and loved it too. The color is classy and I like how it glides over my problem areas (tummy and thighs) to produce a slim, sleek look. I paired it with a white cropped blazer and wore it to an engagement party.I don't have issues with the dress around the chest area (but maybe i'm not very busty?)...Maybe you got really unlucky? Lol. I haven't had the courage to experiment with jersey shawls but it looks comfortable in the picture.

Happy Hijab House Fan said...

Pity you didn't like some of the Hijab House items! I've become a fan and considering that bulk of the hijabs are polyester, with a few silk options, and when one looks at the prices, I don't think it's that bad. In fact, I quite like my hijabs - the polyester is pretty soft + drapes beautifully + the fact that one can choose from 4 different size hijabs yet pay the same price - reckon that's a good deal :) The sheerness/lightness doesn't bother me - suits my country's climate + I just fold over my large square hijabs so that resolves any see-through factor. They have thus far given me excellent customer service, Alhumdhulillah. Still a fan!! :D

Anonymous said...

I quite like my green grecian dress :) Agree with Fatimah, maybe you got unlucky but it also depends on body shape, doesn't it? That's the thing with buying online, is unless one has exactly "proportionate" measurements or gets familiar with a particular online store's clothing + sizing, it can sometimes be a hit or miss. Better luck next time!

••❤MingMing❤•• said...

Great blog! I never knew there are so many shops out there with hijabi clothes!!!


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