Monday, 9 January 2012

Wanted: One Assistant Editor

For the past four years or so, Hijab Style has been a one woman show. Everything from keeping up with new designers and brands, putting together outfits, covering fashion shows, dealing with the masses of emails and maintaing the Facebook page (which just crossed the 81,000 fans mark!). When I first started blogging, it was easy enough, since frankly, there wasn't much of a 'style scene' at all! But since then, things have come in leaps and bounds, and I can hardly keep up with the huge number of emerging designers and companies. But in order to maintain Hijab Style as a leading blog for all things modest and style-related, it seems the time has come to get someone else involved.

This is why I'm now looking for an Assistant Editor to join me. I will be looking for someone to keep up to date with latest happenings from modest clothing brands (which includes putting together the Friday Styleflash feature), modest clothing on the high street, and maintain the Facebook page, with a view to writing more blog content according to your interest. Obviously this is not a paid position, but potentially something you could use on your CV, particularly if you're interested in journalism and/or design.

If you're interested, here's what you need to do:

1. Submit a sample blog post of your choice. It can be anything from a focus on a particular trend, designer or high street outfit, but must contain sufficient original content so I can get a feel for the way you write. This can be done in any format, such as a Word document

2. Write about 150 words explaining why you'd like to become Assistant Editor.

3. Email the above to with 'Assistant Editor' in the subject line; including your full name, age, city and occupation.

The basic requirements are that you need to be living in the UK and aged 18 or over. Other than that, I'm really looking for someone who is committed, able to work in a team and has a good understanding of Hijab Style, and its values and aims.

I look forward to hearing from you; the only way to keep Hijab Style going is with your help!


Bajiha said...

As salem a3leykoul
Good luck for your search, I would like postul but I'm friend reader so It would be Diffulcut ^^^^
Rabi m3aki

Diamond said...

Masha' allah and mabrook that it's all going so well :)
Too bad i am not from the UK :)

Sana said...

You are an inspiration. I recently started my own blog and I have long term goals for it, Inshallah I will get there. Good luck with the search and continued success!


Anonymous said...

I really wish I lived in the uk right now...:0(

Anonymous said...

hate to know that i am now saying; i wish i lived in UK.. i really wish.. *sigh*
well, if you look up for those common qualified who live in other country, count me in ^.^


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