Monday, 16 January 2012

Product Review: Dramafree

Dramafree is new, UK-based online store for hijab accessories. They stock a range of pins, clips and corsages. I was recently sent the Ashia clip - Blue Black and the Silky Silver corsage to review.

First Impressions

The items arrived swiftly by first class post. Inside the envelope, the accessories are each attached to a card, with a beautiful dua on the back (just watch out when disposing of these!). The Ashia clip is a simple slide clip, which can be used to secure the edge of your hijab instead of a pin. The design itself is very pretty, without overdoing it on the bling! The gem at the end of the pin is more of a grey-black, and is lighter than appears on the website. The stem is a little stiff to open, and would probably be better for more hard-wearing fabrics.

The Silky Silver corsage is small (5cm diameter), and made of three layers of silvery-grey fabric and a white bead in the centre. It fastens using a simple pin at the back, but I did find this quite small and fiddly to handle. The corsage looks great on a hijab, or on a blazer or cardigan to just add a sweet little touch to your outfit (it's available in 10 different colours).


I love the simplicity and unusual designs at Dramafree (as well as the name!). Their products are different from the generic hijab pins out there, they are affordable and the customer service is great too!


Anonymous said...

Salaam Yana,

hihi, put a hole bunch of pins in my cart, register and than found out = ONLY UK



Anonymous said...

Email them! Farzana is very helpful + I'm awaiting a Paypal invoice to proceed with my order - I'm not in the UK either :)

Anonymous said...

Ha super!!

Barraak Allahou Feek!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for simple and beauitful items. Just made a semi big order :)

Jzk for the review. Would have never known they exsit if you didn't do a review. Actually wouldn't know half of the things that are around if Jana didn't review them!!

Ruj x

Anonymous said...

Alhumdhulillah - I have to repeat, Farzana was very helpful in processing my International order and following up on my further enquiries. Looking forward to receiving my items :) Definitely going to be watching this company + may it grow Inshallah.

Jana said...

Anon - glad to hear you had a good experience. Do let us know what you think of the items when you receive them!

Ruj - No problem, glad to be of help! Let us know too what you think.

Anonymous said...

Received my items today! I'd ordered 3 Bibi Regal Hijab pins + am not disappointed :)
Hadn't realised how big the actual swarovski floral pin head design was so it's quite a feature in itself - best worn I think with a plain hijab + also with the pin far back on the head, close to the hair-bun area, since the pin length is pretty long. I plan on hiding the pin length into my bun to allow the floral pin head to sit neatly into the hijab + not be angled awkwardly or look bulky.
Workmanship? Very good - the floral head is sturdy + the swarovski crystals are neatly encased. The pin length is strong with a bit of "bendiness" - definitely a durable hijab pin!
I'm looking forward to wearing my items - think it adds a pretty elegance to + will lift any plain hijab's look :)
Kind regards,
International Anon

Anonymous said...

Salaam aleykoum,

from belgium and received my items!

So sweet loveley hijab pins.
I got a set for my seven sisters in law :)

Ithink they will be happy with it.

Will be ordering more in the future inchaAllah!!



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