Sunday, 11 December 2011

Product Review: Hijab Obsessions

Hijab Obsessions specialise in scarves and accessories, and are currently selling through Facebook. They have a range of different hijabs, including beautiful jersey scarves and snoods. I was recently sent the Jersey hijabs in aubergine purple and cloud grey to review.

First Impressions

The hijabs arrived in a bright red envelope. When I received the scarves originally, I found them a little too large, but Hijab Obsessions actually offered to custom alter them for me. Now they provide the scarves in two sizes for all customers: regular (65-70cm x 200cm) and maxi (75 - 80cm x 200cm).

The jersey fabric really is beautiful. It feels cool to the touch, and the fabric is soft and stretchy. Jersey tends to be heavier than other fabrics, and quite sturdy. The aubergine purple is a lovely deep, vibrant colour; the grey quite pale, and lighter than appears in the Facebook album.


The scarves are very generously sized, and I had no problem getting adequate coverage even when folding the hem over. They are really comfortable to wear, you can even get away without using pins. If you did want to use pins though, larger ones are needed to stay in place, since the fabric is relatively thick. The great thing about jersey is that it holds its shape really well and stays in place. It's great for creating folds in your hijab style, and the weight of the fabric allows it to hang and drape quite well. This is a picture of the purple hijab wrapped around simply to demonstrate that:


I liked the quality and colour of the scarves; but found the 'maxi' size was unnecessarily large and a bit cumbersome. The scarves are great for layered styles; and the attentive customer service is excellent.


Anonymous said...

is it suitable for hot humid weather?

Sumz said...

Yes sister, you can wear them all year around! Hot or cold weather.


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