Saturday, 3 December 2011

Product Review: Bellissima Scarves

Bellissima Scarves are one of the few hijab companies that actually design and manufacture their own scarves, rather than buying wholesale. This means the scarves are unique, and as I wrote in one of my previous reviews here, of high quality. I was recently sent the Milano Grey scarf to review.

First Impressions

The scarf arrived in its package, wrapped in silver tissue paper, along with a voucher for 15% off, which is included with all orders.

This scarf is different to most of those offered on the Bellissima Scarves website. It's described as ‘doppiato’; or double-layered. The base is made of a soft grey wool, and is sewn along the edges onto a thinner, crinkled polyester, in varying shades of grey. For some reason, the photography on the website makes the scarf look blue, but I didn't find this to be the case. Here's a photo of the scarf folded over as well as a close-up of the fabric:

Included in the package also was a 50cm square cotton underscarf, which is designed to be folded into a triangle and worn as a bandanna underneath your hijab. These will be on sale soon on the Bellissima website in a variety of colours.


The scarf is very lightweight, and measures 35cm x 180cm. It's designed to be worn both as a neck scarf and a headscarf. Although personally I found it a little too narrow to wear easily as a hijab, since the fabric is totally opaque, you could experiment with styles to make it work. The photo below shows one way to wear the Milano scarf as a hijab. As a neck scarf, although it is light, it's surprisingly warm, without the itchy feeling you sometimes get with knitted scarves. I love the fact that as an elegant piece, it adds to an outfit rather than simply being something to wrap up in. The grey tones are unobtrusive and go well with many different colours.

Milano Scarf (Black)


This is a really luxurious scarf in a beautiful colour, and ideal for winter. It would make a great gift too! It's currently on sale for £24, and is available in black and brown too.


Anonymous said...

I’d like to ask a question. (all readers)

If a new brand were to make purpose designed hejab, meaning not a scarf or a hat but an exciting new and elegant islamic hejab made from the finest fabrics & simple to wear sophisticated and slip-in wearability; a totally new concept that would most probably be stocked in high end department stores & also sold online. There will be a price range, but i'd like to
How much would you pay for a branded new concept hejab?

Thank you

asma said...

I'm not sure that I understand the difference between a purpose designed hijab and one that isn't. In my experience, most scarves sold in department stores these days are already hijab appropriate. But in response to your question, I have in the past paid up to £50 for a quality scarf to be worn as a hijab. I have no qualms about paying for a quality garment. Most hijabs I come across are made of poor quality fabric.


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