Wednesday, 28 December 2011

January Sale Finds

This year, I've found the January sales to be a stressful, and not too productive experience. Certainly a lot of the shops in Westfield yesterday seemed more like a battle zone! But if you're going to brave the shops, here a just a few hijab-friendly sale finds to check out. Coats, knitwear, evening wear and tailoring are usually worth looking out for. Alternatively, avoid the crowds and shop online at your leisure (with a mug of hot chocolate, of course).

Grey Rhinestone Tunic £55, Kaliko; Hermia Cable Cardigan £45, Monsoon; Navy Belted Wide Leg Trousers £20, Topshop; East Knife Pleated Maxi Skirt £44.50, John Lewis.


Yara said...

Nice find's :)
I like the trouser's but for the others i'd want a sale on the sale price(!) heh. Just a bit too much for me tbh.

Anonymous said...

I liked the cardigan
Thank u for publishing these


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