Monday, 12 December 2011

Hijab Style Exclusive: Sophia Jennah Interview

An exciting new website launched this weekend; Sophia Jennah is a stylish, affordable modest clothing brand, and today Hijab Style brings you an exclusive interview with the founder, Faisa Ismael.

Jana: Tell us about the people behind Sophia Jennah; how was the company started?

Faisa: The journey of the company started eight months ago, when I realised there was a huge gap in the market for contemporary Muslim women's clothing. I was frustrated with the lack of clothes available for us, as a large part of the Muslim fashion industry catered for high-end, niche couture markets.

I did not have a background in fashion or design, but I knew the sort of clothes women around me liked and what I would like to see out there myself. So I put pencil to paper and started sketching away and the rest is history as they say.

Jana: What do you feel is missing from the fashion industry right now?

Faisa: A clothing line that caters for both Muslims and non Muslims at the same time. A fashion label that is affordable and provides women with a variety of designs, from casual to abayas. So that the Muslim girl that wants to be fashionable yet modest, is not deprived of it.

Jana: What things/people/places inspire your style?

Hmm, what people inspire me? I would have to say everyday women; my sisters, my friends, or even random strangers. Although when I was designing my clothing I based it on the things that I would like to wear, I guess I got a bit carried away with all things I would have liked to see in my own wardrobe!

One of my biggest inspirations is the great work that is going on currently in the Malaysian and Indonesian Muslim fashion industry. They are both beautiful countries and also have the most fashionable Muslim girls who are not afraid to push the envelope with new mixtures of styles and ask more of their fashion designers. Their style is very inspiring.

I’m a big traveller and love different cultures, fabrics, colours and architecture and in the future I would like to project these cultures into my designs.

Jana: What are your favourite pieces from the new collection?

Faisa: Every piece is my favourite, however, gun to my head I’d have to say the Hooded Cape, the Colour block dress and the Black and white ruffle abaya.

Jana: Finally, what can we expect from Sophia Jennah in the future?

Faisa: I have big plans for Sophia Jennah inshallah. I am currently working on our Spring/Summer collection which I hope to increase by 2 or 3 times more designs and products than our debut Autumn/Winter Collection. I want Sophia Jennah to be more than just a clothing line, I want it to be more like a lifestyle brand that a Muslim girl’s wardrobe can always rely on.

You can find me on my personal blog on

Exclusive Discounts!

To mark their launch, Sophia Jennah have some great offers on. The first 500 customers to make a purchase and become a fan of the Facebook page will be sent a VIP membership card that entitles you to a lifetime 15% discount and entry to monthly giveaways. There is currently a 15% off sale for all customers until January 2nd 2012. What's more Hijab Style readers get an extra 10% off when you enter the code Hijab Style at the checkout!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what's happening with Sofia Jennah's website + orders? Have received email that there will be a delay with shipments. Looked at website and practically the whole website is out of stock. And there's no updates on their FB page.

Anonymous said...

Hi am not sure what is going on but I know what you mean its probably best to email them to see what is going on.

Sophia Jennah said...

We had some problems with our website the last week but we fixed most those issues now.

If you have any problems on our site or have questions about your order please email us at and we would try our best to help you.

Anonymous said...

Waiting over a month for items to be shipped; regardless of the reasons, this is stretching the limit a bit. Problems happen but this experience makes me hesitant to ever order again from Sofia Jennah. Yes, have received email explanations, the free item offer + seen all the discounts on the Facebook page. But according to the updates on the FB page, shipments have not yet been sent out this week as promised. There just seems to be too many excuses - delays in China in quality, Paypal problems, website under construction. No matter how many discounts are given, the items should have been available when all orders were placed. I'm simply disappointed. I'll give credit though when due; Sophia Jennah has never been rude with their replies to emails. I just think the company did not set themselves up properly to sell to the public. I hope that they learn from this experience + improve Inshallah.

Faisa Ismail - Sophia Jennah said...

Dear HijabStyle readers and Sophia Jennah Customers.

Assalamu Alaikum

Excuses and apologies can only appease to a certain extent.

Our initial goal behind Sophia Jennah was to create a company that puts the customer first by creating great clothes at affordable prices
along with the best customer service that we could offer.

Although we had some supplier issues to start off Sophia Jennah; our customers should not have felt the brunt of our complications
and we hope that the compensation would help mend our relationship with our customers at least partly.

We cannot state enough how truly sorry we are for the delays in deliveries but this situation was forced on us due to the Chinese New year
holiday and we are doing our best to get all the orders dispatched this week.

From Thursday onwards normal delivery times will be reinstated inshallah (2-5 days for UK/EU customers) according to the delivery policies on our website.

If you are in any way unsatisfied with our service or would like a refund due to the delay please email us and we would be happy to comply.

Although we would hate to see you go, we hope that we can win your trust again once our normal delivery times are back on this week.


Faisa Ismail
Sophia Jennah

nelum malik said...

Sadly I have also been trying to find out what os happening withthe site.
I have sent several email enquiries via the site but no reply to date.

I am eager to purchase and was looking forward to this but supplies seems to be depleted and not up to date.

Its a shame because the garments look very simple and sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I have just recently discovered the wonderful beauty of sophia Jennah. Its been 7 months alhamdulillah that i have started wearing abaya full time. I discivered that having seen this website i can feel great but still have my modesty as i am still very young. when the store repoens please let me know jazakallah

Sophuria said...

I ordered items 3 months ago, and emailed, fbed multiple times, and have yet to recieve any response from Sophia Jennah. It was over $300 in orders!


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