Saturday, 26 November 2011

Product Review: Princess Rockz

Princess Rockz is an online business selling hijabs and accessories, and is run by Aalia who you might recognise from the YouTube channel alz786uk. I was recently sent the Midnight Blue Maxi Crinkle Hijab to review.

First Impressions

Princess Rockz stock a range of Maxi Crinkle Hijabs in various prints. The product pages provide a link to Aalia's YouTube tutorial for these hijabs, which I think is very useful for customers since you get to see the scarf 'in action' before you buy.

The label 'maxi' is a very apt one - this scarf is huge! According to the website, it measures 187cm x 100cm, though the width may vary a little depending if the scarf has been stretched out. The fabric is 100% polyester and is very soft to the touch. The colour is a dark, denim-y kind of blue with a scattered leopard print. Here's a close-up of it:


Being a 'maxi' hijab, there are a lot of options for ways to wear it; personally I preferred to fold the scarf over at least two-thirds of the way to make it easier to wear. The crinkle texture means that this scarf means that it lends itself quite well to creating hijab styles with volume, rather than sticking closely to the head. The fabric is quite robust and tolerates pins well; it also doesn't slip around too much, if you prefer not to wear undercaps. The style of the scarf is great for more casual, everyday outfits. This is just a quick shot of how the hijab looks like worn in a basic, wrap-around style from the back (no flower clips or extra scarves used!):


I love the colour and the print of the fabric, and the crinkle texture adds a bit of fun to your hijab style. I found the size a little too large for me, but it's great if you like to create folds and volume, and provides plenty of coverage.

Edit: It seems the Midnight Blue Hijab is out of stock on the website, but it's also available in brown and grey versions!

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