Monday, 21 November 2011

Jakarta Fashion Week 2012

Jakarta Fashion Week recently took place November 12th-18th, and Day 3 saw several runway shows dedicated to 'Muslimwear', featuring many prominent Indonesian designers. As always, there was no shortage of 'wow factor', yet more wearable designs were also shown. Here are a few of my favourite looks from the runway:

Tuti Adib

Images: Getty Images


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pics. Isn't it amazing to see the various cultural representations of hijab? I enjoy seeing how other Muslimahs from various cultural backgrounds dress + interpret hijab. Each nation is diverse yet we are all Muslim - Alhumdhullilah! Some of the outfits, though creative + artistically beautiful, are not my style - bright! But I actually like the 1st Monica Jufry outfit with the olive print skirt/taupe top combo - love the colours, drape + flow.

Sabs said...

I like Iva Lativa's. The style, fabric, prints, though I don't like the head wear. Looks too heavy and covered the model's face.


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