Sunday, 16 October 2011

Q&A with Zeena

Today Hijab Style brings you a Q&A with Bayan Jondy, the founder of Zeena, an American clothing brand catering for the modest dresser. Zeena have just launched their latest Eid Collection today; and I must say I'm loving the new designs! The pieces are elegant, stylish and versatile; real wardrobe staples. Here are a few of the new arrivals:

Jana: When, who and how was Zeena established?

Bayan: Zeena was founded in 2008 when I started designing clothes for myself . My family and friends responded enthusiastically to my designs which gave me confirmation that there was a gap in the fashion industry that needed to be filled. My sister Amany and I are partners in Zeena and together we are able to design, innovate, and create the best products and service for our customers.

Jana: What makes you different to other modest clothing brands?

Bayan: We spent years carefully laying out our vision and did not rush into starting a company until we were able to ensure that all aspects of our business were covered. What makes us different from other modest clothing brands is that we provide contemporary, demure clothing at affordable prices!

Jana: What have been your most popular items?

Bayan: Our most popular items from last seasons have been the Ribbed Hoodie and the Tie Shrug, which are tops you tend to grab right before you run out of the front door. This season, the button down essential shirts have been very popular, due to their sophisticated style.

Jana: Tell us one thing that surprised you about the experience of setting up and running your online business?

Bayan: What surprised us the most was the overwhelming, immediate response we received outside of our North American customer base. Within the first few weeks of our launch, we were receiving orders and inquiries from the UK, Australia, France, Malaysia, South Africa, Lebanon, the UAE and many more countries across the globe! Such response showed us the universal appeal of our designs.

Jana: What's your ultimate vision for Zeena?

Bayan: Zeena's ultimate vision is to continue to provide contemporary, modest clothing for our customers every season. We aspire to have the most reliable clothing store, offer the finest quality clothing, and provide the best customer service.

Visit to see their designs!


Anonymous said...

Just received my order for scarves - lovely :) Soft silk + pretty :D

Debating about ordering their skirts ...

Mehwish said...

Wow! The clothes look GORGEOUS.
Totally the kind of clothes I've been wanting for a while; I'm gonna check out the website right now. :)
Thanks for sharing it with us! ^-^


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