Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday Styleflash

So the Friday Styleflash is a new weekly feature here on the blog. With an ever-increasing number of brands and companies catering to Muslim women, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest news and goings-on. So I decided to post once a week the links that end up in my email/Twitter/Facebook accounts, but never quite make it to the blog for various reasons. I'll try to include news of new collections, new brands and sales alerts, so without further ado...


New Collections

Akhawat Abaya Couture, who I previously blogged about here, have just launched their new website with online shopping facilities.

Elenany have just released their A/W 2011 collection, including coats and hooded dresses.

Maysaa have introduced their signature snoods and scarves in new colours (cream, white and navy), and have a sale on across their clothing line.

Aab abayas will now be available to buy in Dubai at the Soirée boutique.

And a quick reminder that Haute Hijab will be launching their new clothing range on Tuesday 20th September.

New Kids on the Block

There's been a large number of new hijab businesses set up on Facebook recently, often providing bespoke and handmade scarves. MH-Couture, Bb-Hijabs and NAS Boutique London are some that caught my eye. Anyone tried these companies out yet?

Sale Alerts

Setrms UK are having an end-of-season sale with up to 60% off selected items.

Masoomah have a sale on with up to 50% off their jilbabs.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting and informative news from our favorite modest brands. Keep it up good work sister. I love it<3

Anonymous said...

As-salaam-u-alai-kum wr wb! Jazhakhallah khair for posting this styleflash update. I've only recently discovered the world of Islamic fashion websites + blogs. It's been educational to read them, check out the reviews + get tips. I live in a small city overseas in a country which has a minimal variety of Islamic shops. I'd need to fly to our bigger cities if I'd want any Islamic wear + the choices available in these stores aren't my style. I'd also discovered after going on Haj that the items imported into my country are WAY overpriced, considering the quality of the items. I did buy quite a few decent abayas whilst on Haj, but that was a few years ago - and was trying to figure out what to do if I wanted to update my wardrobe. So it's really nice to have discovered online Islamic stores that cater to my taste.
I was a bit amused to see under your profile that you are a medical student - reason being is that I'm a specialist doctor who also loves fashion + enjoy trying to dress neatly, modestly and maintain a professional look. I'm pretty strict with the junior doctors at work regarding dress code and maintaining a professional neat look. So why not do a post on the do's and don'ts of dress code in the medical profession (whether one is Muslim or not)? I'd be curious to see what you'd come up with.
And one last request - how does one tie an Aab hijab like the way they do it on their models on the Aab website? Would appreciate a tutorial!
May Allah SWT make your studies easy, Inshallah.

Jalabiya Oasis said...

Such a great initiative, keep up the good work :-)


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