Monday, 26 September 2011

Four Years On

Verona, June 2011 (Image courtesy of Sana Faruq)

Hijab Style is four years old today! It's interesting that I started blogging at the exact same time that I started at university, and I guess a lot of what I post here reflects that. I realise that readers will have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of new content I've been posting each week over the past year. It seems a bit redundant to apologise for that, as it really is an inevitability that with each year, medical school demands that much more of time, and I have that much less to dedicate to 'extra-curricular activities'. It also seems inaccurate to say that it upsets me, because whilst I do love to blog and post about new ideas, inspiration, and up-coming designers, at the end of the day I'm loving the learning process of becoming a doctor. That will (inshallah) be my vocation one day; not blogging.

That said I do hope you will still stick around and read whatever I do have the time to post up here. The Facebook page now has over 64,000 members so is a great place for everyone to share ideas and links. I can't say I know what the future holds for Hijab Style as a blog, but I'm content with enjoying the journey for now.

Happy Anniversary, HS.


Maryam Hajar said...

Jazak Allah for all your work here. All the best to you in your profession. May Allah reward you with the blessings for giving us support and providing us w/ a Muslimah community. assalamu alaykum, maryam hajar

Gulan said...

Jazakilaah my dear sister for all your work and efforts and sharing your beautiful thoughts and ideas and information. I know how time consuming a study in the medical field can be. I'm praying that Allah may help you and make things easy for you during your study and your entire lifetime.

Salams, from a pharmacist :)

hannahsgems said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I think your blog is great!If we can give you a hand with the blog, we'd love to!!!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely stick around.. Thx for giving so many ideas for hijab and muslim clothing. I started to wear hijab last year and I love your blog. Happy 4th anniversary,, hugs & kisses from Jakarta, Indonesia.. Ps. You'll make a trendy hijabi doctor ;)


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