Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Banner Design Competition Winner

Winning Design - Nadia A

Congratulations to Nadia A from Antwerp, Belgium who has been chosen as the winner of the Banner Design Competition! There were over 100 fantastic entries, and it really was tough to pick just one winner. This design was chosen for its sheer elegance and simplicity, the beautiful colour scheme, and that it fits in with the overall style of the Hijab Style website. The final design will be uploaded as the official Hijab Style banner in a few days time.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, but there is still time for you to choose who you think should be the runner-up winner!

Visit the Hijab Style Facebook page and 'Like' your favourite banners in this photo album. The banner with the most 'Likes' will win the runner-up prize! The deadline is 8pm UK time (BST) on Thursday 8th September - get voting!


Anonymous said...

I love it!! :)

hannahsgems said...

Congratulations Nadia A!

Anonymous said...

Proficiat Nadia!!!

Jaaaaa een belgica gewonnen!

Echt mooi!!


Nisa Greennnpanda said...

I totally agree.. This new banner is simply lovely & elegant in its own way.. ^_^ Congrats to the winner!!

Sama said...

Very nice banner ^_^

Jana said...

Glad you all like it!


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