Monday, 9 May 2011

Style Inspiration: French Connection

French Connection have outdone themselves this season, with floaty maxi skirts and dresses and luxurious wide leg trousers making their way into the Spring and Summer collections. Best of all they're all really wearable with sleeker, more understated pieces to more vibrant prints.


Sahira Anish said...

Tooo amazing. I liked very much these looks.

nisanichan said...

this is exactly how i'm gonna dress!! simple and edgy!

Mifrah Abid said...

very chic sweet! thanks for posting :)

Anonymous said...

ii liiiike it ! i love yoour blog :D !! barak allahou fiik oukhtii :) ! ♥

Ria said...

So gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I bought the floral garden maxi skirt about 2 months ago....

Warning: It's incredibly bright! Much brighter than it appears online. Their walk in the park maxi skirt floats beautifully when you walk though. Worth investing. Also, Kookai have 2 stunning maxi skirts at the moment. Love summer!

Lashamya said...

Love the floral bohemian skirt on the bottom left. Suitable for spring/summer attire! Would wear it with white hijab and mandarin color top.

aminisiddika said...

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