Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Style Inspiration: Thomsen

Thomsen is a Paris-based fashion brand which focuses on shirts in clean, simple cuts and a variety of lengths. These maxi shirt dresses caught my eye for their modest fit and versatility; and just right for the days you want a fresh, understated look. You can buy their pieces online from ASOS, though they don't come cheap!


Anonymous said...

WOOOOOW That second shirtdress is sOOOO pretty Oooo I want to go lookie at the pricey...but IM so scared. If I don't come back, its probably cus I fainted.


nida said...

totally something I would wear!! I love it! too bad it's that expensive!

Anonymous said...

it's awesomeeeeeeeeeee
<3 it: )


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