Tuesday, 19 April 2011

High Street Finds: Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress has become a summer style staple here in the UK, with different fabrics and prints to suit all tastes. Here are a few of my favourite picks; BHS actually do a pretty good range too!


Watery floral maxi dress £75, Warehouse; Grey boho maxi dress £35, Dorothy Perkins; Mixed print maxi dress £45, Miss Selfridge; Acapella drape maxi dress £185, French Connection.


Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaat too expensive sis! some people on budgets lol! i go on ebay! or primark.

Merry Makes.. said...

I've just bought two maxi dresses for myself (a plain denim look fabric and a printed one, both from HM) and another for my daughter (from New Yorker). With the wide range of colours, patterns and fabrics around, they're great for expressing yourself in different ways!

Maryam Hajar said...

The dresses are very pretty, but I'm not a fan of the layered look...it spoils the 'pretty' in this dress and looks odd. (since it requires a long sleeved T-shirt top)

Anonymous said...

I live in Sweden and I can´t find long dress...but the black was very beautiful!



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