Friday, 5 November 2010

IFF in Malaysia

The latest edition of the Islamic Fashion Festival took place on November 3rd, as part of Malaysia International Fashion Week. Here are a few beautiful photos from the show, check out the Calgary Herald for a few more.

Mona Din; Khadani

Amir Luqman; Itang Yunasz

Images: AP Photos


Ayuni said...

Salam, welcome to Malaysia!!!!!

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I love the abaya-cape combinations. I would buy those in a heartbeat! Malaysia Boleh! However some designs at the end were ridiculous..cover your face then show your legs..are you kidding?

Muslim Butterfly said...

I have to agree with "C", but I liked the prayer outfits. Many were so beautiful.

Merry Makes.. said...

Beautiful colours and flowing fabrics.Wow!

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum

I love the outfit that Amir Luqman is displaying! All of them are beautiful and elegant! Very creative designs too :)


jtz said...

the models look stunning, i particularly like the blue silky flowing one.

Anonymous said...

Those top two are gorgeous!

EVGB said...

I agree, they were fabulous! the Bathing suits were almost islamic but why did they need tight pants? lol

Such creativity though. I wouldnt know where to wear such dresses but very beautiful!

ioana said...

Hello; unrelated to this specific article. You don't have to post this message.
Just wondering what's up?
I mean, sure you have a life and it's normal to be busy. Just wanted to let you know someone misses your (almost) daily posts.
A great day!

stargazer said...

oh love the bottom red one


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