Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Style Spotlight: Maxi Skirts

Fall 2010

I love that maxi skirts have become so plentiful on the runways. This season they were featured in a range of cuts and styles. You can't go wrong with a plain skirt and tailored jacket. Or alternatively, add a pop of rich colour à la Dries Van Noten, or try experimenting with more creative cuts:


Kenzo; Dries Van Noten

Hermes; Louis Vuitton

Unique; Yohji Yamamoto

Images: Style.com


Hijabi in Heels! said...

I absolutely agree! I am starting to love maxi skirts more and more now. And I'm also loving all the looks for Autumn in high street shops. Understated but so fashion forward!

Arwa said...

wooow...very stylish
I love the MaxMara models...so elegant
I see the "military" style jackets are on top now

mah said...

I was just searching for some nice skirts when I decided to check your blog and, surprise!!, you had this post about maxi skirts!
I agree there are many styles out there on the runways, but not as many when you go out shopping. I happen not to like the tiered kind of skirt, so it's quite difficult for me to find pieces that I can be used both at work and in more casual situations.
That being said, I'd probably go with MaxMara's styles and add colored accessories to brighten up the look a bit.

Tanzima said...

I think the ones at the top are just Fabulous! Would love it if I could find something like that in the stores and not have to spend a fortune...

Anonymous said...

I recently bought a grey skirt as well as one in dark purple. Can someone pls give me some ideas in what I can wear on top??? I am talking abt colour wise..... I do have a black skirt, but I guess it will go with all sorts of colours....

Anonymous said...

@Mah; If you have limited sewing skills you could make you a few skirts. Go to the closest fabric store and search out the "easy" patterns. At the most they have 4 pieces and usually can be made with a machine in an hour.

Marie said...

I think MaxMara, and Van Noten and Kenzo are all nice.

However the Van Noten would probably need some adjustment as it looks a bit fitted.

I'm sure the MaxMara would look lovely with Turkish style hijabs.

Thank you Jana for your superb disemination.

Mah said...

@Anonymous: I'm dying to get me a sewing machine and start making my own clothes. The issue is that where I live it's not that easy to find sewing machines - at least not for now. So I'll have to wait a bit, but insh'Allah I'll manage.
@ the other Anonymous inquiring about what colors to match the skirts with: I think it depends if you like to have your clothes matching or if you prefer more striking combinations. If you use a color wheel, it can help you decide better. The colors beside the one of your skirt are the ones that blend in the most with it. The colors across are the ones that make more striking combinations. ;)

ioana said...

Call me boring, but I love the first two ones and the Dries one.
The others are way too funky for me.
Anyway, me+maxi skirts= <3

Deniz said...

the Dries Van Noten look is awesome

jtz said...

i love the maxi skirt and oversized jumper look- perfect for A/W and also good for hijabis!


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