Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Product Review: Demure Look

Back in August I posted about a new online company called Demure Look, which specialise in silk scarves. A lot of you expressed an interest in them and so the company sent me the Textured Silk Mix Scarf in silver and the Thai Silk Scarf in aubergine to review!

Textured Silk Mix Scarf - Silver

First Impressions

I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but from experience, the companies that pay attention to their packaging, are usually the ones that are presenting a quality product. In this case, the Demure Look scarves arrived beautifully wrapped in silver tissue paper inside a silver corrugated cardboard gift box, along with a leaflet about the company.

Thai Silk Scarf - Aubergine


Both scarves are quite large at at least 175cm x 75cm each, and could easily be worn as a wrap over an evening dress, as well as a headscarf. In both cases, the fabric is quite stiff and non-slip; which is good if you prefer more voluminous hijab styles, but did prove a little tricky to wrap and fold.

The Thai Silk Scarf is very thin and lightweight, and the fabric has a slightly gauzy feel to it. At one layer thick it is fairly see-through, but it is large enough to fold over itself. The scarf also has a subtle sparkle to it in the light, perfect for wearing on special occasions.

The Textured Silk Mix Scarf is also very lightweight, but has more of a smooth metallic shine to it, as you can see in the photo above.


I loved the luxurious feel of the scarves, and the professional presentation. However at such a large size I felt they were a little cumbersome to wear. They do however dress up an outfit beautifully and would make a lovely present for a relative or friend. The website is also well laid out and easy to use and customer service impeccable!

Disclaimer: I received these scarves in exchange for my honest review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and I received no other compensation for my review.


Anonymous said...

i can't see the pictures :(

Samsiah said...

Masha Allah!
I luv the soft..hhmmm...

Assia Luna said...

they look very classy and beautiful, especially the aubergine one.


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