Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Muslimah Style: Zeynab

Reader's Contribution


I'm Zeynab and I'm a 20 year old Law and Arts student from Australia. I've been wearing the hijab for over a year now and I love it!

My Style

My dress sense is very eclectic and depends a lot on my mood. I go through a lot of phases: one day I'll feel like looking a bit casual and I'll wear jeans and Converse sneakers, and the next day I'll mix it up with a maxi dress and girly bangles. No matter what mood I'm in, I love colour combinations and matching my scarves to my tops and dresses. I even try and match my jewellery and under caps to my outfits if I can. I just love colourful scarves - they make me feel cheerful and bright even when the weather is not so good!

It gets quite hot here so when summer comes around I mostly stick to skirts and maxi dresses. I'm not so tall so I love wearing maxi dresses because they make feel just that little bit taller! I love different cultural outfits too and mixing elements of them into my everyday wear. Basically, I love to experiment and just have fun with my clothes.

Top Tips

1. Figure out what look you're going for when you choose your first item of clothing, and then match the rest of your outfit to go with that look e.g. if you feel like wearing sneakers, think about how you can channel that look from top to toe.
2. Buy lots of plain cardigans in different colours to wear over dresses.
3. Organise your closet by colour, so you can easily see which items will match and which colours you need more of.
4. Just enjoy yourself with your clothes, while being as modest as you can be

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Hijab Diva said...

very pretty. is she orginally australian?

Miriam said...

I love her mixed, fashionable and modest style! :D

Somebody said...

Wow, I love that turquoise dress!

Anonymous said...

I like Zeynab's suggestion about buying lots of cardigans because they are always helpful for covering yourself while layering.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mashAllah, I like the pink hijab in the top right pic and how it matches the flowers on her skirt :)

miss muslima said...

Zeynep look good mashAllah with modesty and style she wear hijab. love da bright colours on her.


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