Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hijab Style in CIRCUS Fashion

I found my copy of the CIRCUS Fashion bookazine waiting for me when I got back from holiday, and as promised, here's a sneak peak of the first two pages of the finished piece, illustrations by Tobias Tietchen. I can't wait to get reading the rest of the articles!

Picture 015

CIRCUS Article


Ashi said...

wow that illustration is amazing!! this looks great!

Em said...

rawr I was hoping I'd be able to grace my mind with the article. I've been waiting for this post :]

Eh. I guess I might have to get myself a copy of this book to read it.

The pic is really neat. does the clock and it looks like an eye ("the all seeing eye" to be exact) on the lid symbolize anything?

黃愛玲 said...

Wow! I really love your blog! Thank you! =o)

Anonymous said...

Well done, Jana.

MashaAllah, Usually fashion analysts don't get well-known by mass. But in your case it is different, you are more popular than some designers in hijab fashion.

these type of publications addressing to you is the real-time indication of that.

The way to go, sis.


Anonymous said...

As with many things fashion related, this bookazine has some seriously weird (and might I add distasteful) entries in it.

However, I think it's great that Jana's piece has been added, I feel it shows the growing 'acceptance' of hijab and fashion being able to go together. In fact, I feel the fashion world is in some ways more accepting than society in general.

Keep up the great work Jana!


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