Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hijab on the Cutting Edge of Fashion

Remember Noor d'Izar, the Belgian company who sponsored the July Giveaway? Well, CNN continues its interest in Muslim fashion and goes behind the scenes with them in the following video report. What do you think?


Marucia said...

I think it's awesome that the media is speaking about hijab, their users and, indirectly, Islam. Very often people see muslims as extremists and hijabis as oppressed and conservative women. I believe it's time for non-muslims to know that hijab is a choice most muslimahs happily make.

n.a said...

That's so awesome! I know there are some people who don't like that the hijab is being treated as a simple fashion item, but really fashion is about expressing yourself and if our faith is a part of ourselves, than what better thing to express to the world? The comfort, practicality and modern design--I love it all!

Lâle said...

LOVE IT and there should b more reports like this about the truth of Islam and all the positives about hijab especially in placees like belgium and france who r against it


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