Monday, 20 September 2010

CIRCUS Fashion

Back in May I put out a request here asking for 2 participants in an interview for an article in a new fashion bookazine called CIRCUS. Well since then, I've found my participants, finished the article, submitted it and now, CIRCUS is finally available in print!

The bookazine is all about looking at fashion from the perspective of those whose voices aren't usually heard, and is made up of contributions from bloggers around the world. In my piece, we discuss the social, practical and sartorial issues relating to the hijab and modest dress. Hopefully it will give a more realistic and personal viewpoint on the hijab, and what it means to wear it.

I was also asked to read out part of my article at the London launch event on 22nd September, but unfortunately I'm not in the country so can't make it. I'll be sure to let you guys get a sneak peak at the article though once I get my copy of the bookazine!


Hijab Diva said...

mabrook. may you always succeed.

Em said...

I just read this:
and it refers to your upcoming article. and wow, i'm just really excited to read it and see the perspectives that are presented in your article *0*


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