Sunday, 29 August 2010

Rabia Z's Hijab Styles

Many of you have commented in the past that you'd love to see how designer Rabia Z wraps her hijabs. Now you can watch her tutorial in this video report from Gulf News, with the accompanying pictures here.


Anonymous said...

Subhan'Allah I saw her at the mall last week! I was going to tell her some nice comments then it became difficult cuz she was far infront. Then I said if Allah wills for me to tell her I will see her again somewhere sometime time else.
Then subhan'Allah the store I specifically was going to the mall to go to didn't have what I wanted, so I left and as I was coming off the escalator I saw her coming towards me, so I told her may Allah bless her and that her vision 'to show that modesty can be/is beautiful' is affecting so many people in the world insha'Allah hijabi and non hijabi alike!

And thank YOU so much for this blog, I love it. May Allah reward you as He does, and as He can for all that you do to make this blog amazing!!! Ramadan Kareem to all!

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I didn't watch the tutorial but this a really gorgeous scarf! Where can I buy it?

Sharshura said...

This is awesome. She is wonderful. Mashallah.

Fatihah said...

Salam, I was just wondering isn't there a hadith that says how cursed are the women who cover their heads and resemble the hump of a camel?

Anonymous said...


Lovely thank you Jana.

Does anyone know where to purchase the black one piece Amira type underscarf that Rabia Z wears in the pics in Hijab Style's previous post:

Anonymous said...

the link is broken is there any other way to view it please.

tia said...

salaam :)

a lot of beautiful things on your site mashAllah

i have a request and i dont know where to post it hence im posting it here...

will you b able to post some outfit ideas for me with a skirt or a maxi dress..the occasion is for me to meet a potential spouse so something smart casual please

jazakAllah khair


nida said...

Just a tad bit too much "volume" on the head. I don't get the whole clip thing.

Anonymous said...

Slm, Im in Europe, where can we purchase Rabia Z's hijabs from, is she on-line ?

Jana said...

Anon 1, thanks :)

Fatihah, yup, had been waiting for someone to bring up the 'camel humps' issue again.

Here's an explantion of the meaning of that hadith:

Rabia's website can be found at:

However if you want to purchase pieces, at the moment you can only do so via the Facebook fanpage here:

tia, you can click on the labels 'maxi dress' and 'long skirt' in the right hand side bar to see plenty of outfits :)

Jana said...

Ladies, having learnt from experience, unfortunately I will no longer be approving comments which keep discussing the hair bun/clips issue. Let's try to keep the blog a postive and welcoming place. If you have questions it's best to ask a learned person, rather than debate it for the millionth time here. Thank you :)

razina said...

so vewy pwetty

Revertive said...

I don't like the volume. I would feel weird with that on my head! Love the colors, though. :)


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