Friday, 16 July 2010

Style Inspiration: H&M Pre-Fall

The maxi skirt is to Autumn what the maxi dress is to summer. The Pre-Fall Style Guide from H&M includes ideas to look forward to, and features a sleek black maxi skirt styled with a red striped top and ankle boots. Parisian chic is a look we love, especially when it's hijab-friendly (click to enlarge):


nisanichan said...

:) i love the shoes and the shirt . cool

Sakeenah said...

i wish we had H&M here, id buy 10 of those skirts!!

HijabScarf said...

stripes never disappoint you..
too bad that we dont have H&M in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jana,

im really into red, but dont know how to combine it with hijab.... what colour hijab matches when u have red in your outfit? black? or a dark wine red colour hijab? i dont think many of us could get away with wearing a birght red hijab? It would be red overkill.

I would love to get your hel pon this matter.

thanks - zena

clare said...

I love the ankle boots with the maxi skirt- not necessarily what I would pick because I'm lazy and generally stick to flats, but I like having the suggestion, because I never know what shoes to wear with maxi skirts or dresses! I usually just wear sandals, but it would be great to have more colder-weather options! Going back to look for the winter maxi article now!


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