Friday, 23 July 2010

Covered Couture: Chanel

Spring 2010

Luxury, elegance and drama; of couse it had to be Chanel couture. I adore these satin gowns with metallic stripes which add a modern edge. There's even bridal gown complete with long sleeves and an endless veil. Though the groom in a golden tin-foil suit killed the overall effect, so we won't show him:



Anonymous said...


I love this!
Is there anywhere I can find a full length
picture of the bridal gown?


Jana said...

Anon, you can view it here:

NeverEver said...

sigh.... that first is just fantastic. I want my wedding dress like this inshaAllah :-P

caraboska said...

Oh, that gray suit is fantastic masha'Allah!

ZINAH said...

great :)

Soumia N. F. said...

The first is amazing; i love when details are saved for the shoulders and/or the neck - gorgeous!!!


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