Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Amal Murad and Arwa'a Abaya

Amal Murad is a talented abaya designer from the UAE, whose work is frequently on the runways at Dubai Fashion Week (see her website for photos). Below is a recent interview of hers, and unfortunately it's in Arabic, but you can forward to 5:15 to see some video footage of her runway shows:

Amal has also recently been involved in judging an abaya design competition called Arwa'a Abaya on MBC. You can watch the episodes on the persilabayaworld YouTube channel; this is part 1 of the finale, what did you think of the designs?


Gail said...

The sister has great taste in color and design. I liked the first abaya on the runway and what she is wearing on the show in the first video. Im not too keen on the over-sized berets and exposed necks.

Anonymous said...

Salam! wonderful post :) I'm a new muslim so i started a blog like a diary about my jorney of being a muslim in a latin american country. I'm still learning so you will notice about that in my posts


Coffee Catholic said...

Yeah... the oversized berets aren't my fav either. And some of the designs are a bit eeee! Like the massive houndstooth shawl thing.

But there were some lovely, elegant designs!

If I had to walk like one of those models I'd fall on my head. But they sure do make the abayas flow!

Minaretmuse said...

Tartan shower caps? Really?! I wonder if they're the hijabi equivalent of the outrageous catwalk hairstyles. Meant purely for theatrical effect - 'don't try this at home'!


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